13/04/2017 Eastbourne, United Kingdom
the milestoned show
Behind the Scenes
written by
Leon Schoder

First we got beans from Tesco.

Then I went out to a sport equipment store. I searched every section before I went to the person at the till and asked for a boomerang. She said they had none and she doesn't think I can find one in Eastbourne.

The next stop was a store where you could buy tools. I took a heavy chisel and continued looking around. An employee addressed me. 'You will need an ID if you want to buy that.'

I walked through mall. I saw a children's toy shop. I went in. They did not have one boomerang or frisbee. They had a whole selection.

The my father accompanied me to the tool store. Incidentally he is over eighteen. He bought the chisel and gave it to me.

Later that day we went to the beach and managed to get kind of good at throwing a boomerang. Then we climbed some big rocks and hit them with the chisel and a hammer. We also counted some beans.

There are no kangaroos in Eastbourne, stone is hard and the 671 beans are now lying in a bowl on our kitchen table.

But we do have the first episode of the milestoned show.

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