13/04/2017 Salzburg, Austria
Dodo Interview
The Team | © Dodo App
written by
Leon Schoder

A group of people are running around in a forest with weapons in their hands.
One of them shouts. ‘I don’t think they can fly.’

A fat bird with brownish plumage, Donna, is cleaning her ruffled feathers.
‘It tried to grab me! What did I ever do to it?’
Dale, another dodo, retorts. ‘Talking about it won’t make them go away.’
The third dodo, Damzel looks around the clearing. ‘Guys, maybe we should ‘go away’.’
The people are coming closer.
Damzel runs towards a clear path. ‘Follow me.’

Donna jumps up and runs after her.
Damzel says. ‘This is the second time we had to move now.’.
Donna nods. ‘Maybe god is not on our side’
Dale is running behind them. ‘Hah.’

Later. A person takes a monkey out of a cage. He feeds the monkey a nut, puts it on his shoulder and walks to people with axes. They hack into a tree. A flock of birds rise up.

The tree hits the ground beside Dale.
He jumps up and flaps around. ‘You don’t have to do this. We will stay on our part of the island and you on yours.’
Damzel adds. ‘Yes, you can have the flooded area. We don't need it anymore.’
Donna points at the flying birds. ‘Maybe we should look for another island. Like these birds are.’
Dale. ‘How is that supposed to work.’

Damzel flutters over a fallen tree. 'They have not invaded the coast.’
She points away from the people. ‘We are going there.'

Later. Monkeys climb up a boulder while eating fruit. They inspect a nest.

Damzel steps back from the nest. ‘Leave us alone.’
The monkey takes the nest apart and starts shouting and jumping around.
Donna screams and glides down the boulder.
Damzel jumps after her. ‘Wait!’
Dale slowly steps to the edge of the boulder. ‘You know: this is really immature. We need that food to live.’

Damzel stops running at the end of the island. ‘This is it. We have nowhere to go.’
Dale: ‘No, I am not dying. You can't make me.’
Donna stares across the edge of the cliff. ‘There is land across the sea.’
Damzel: ‘We can’t fly.’
Donna turns around: ‘We never even tried.’
Dale adds: ‘We have wings. We can flap them. We can flutter around. We can glide -’
Donna. ‘We can talk! In English! Everything is possible.'
Damzel walks to the edge of the cliff. ‘You are right. We can do this. We will do this.’
The dodo spreads her wings.
She jumps.

A couple of students in Salzburg, Austria developed an app to enhance their student life.
Read the interview about their project in English or German.