21/03/2017 Valencia, Spain
Design Interview
Mercado Central | © Emanuele Anitori
written by
Leon Schoder

The ground is covered in twigs laced into each other, broken rocks, holes, dug up earth, big pieces of wood and splinters; objects formed into nothing.

She wakes up. The woman wipes dirt from her face and looks at the objects surrounding her. She grabs a deformed piece of wood and hurls it at another pile of objects. ‘F*ck’.

The woman grabs a stone. She walks towards the nearest tree and starts hacking into it. The woman is cutting her hands in the process. She holds onto the stone and keeps hacking. A big piece from the side of the tree breaks off.

The woman takes the wood covered in her blood, places it onto the ground and hacks into it with the stone. With every hit, she scrapes off a bit of the wood. Eventually the piece has a flatter surface, the edge is circular and it has a hole in the middle.

The woman holds up the wheel. ‘I did it; Something new. It's beautiful’.

Joaquín J. Oliver is a 'design and carpentry' teacher in Valencia, Spain.
He talked to us about project management and design.
Read the interview in English or Spanish.

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